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[img src=]5590Photo Opportunity Pt 1:
A younger and cuter self hangs with James Brown ("Son, I had to get my rhythm thing together before I could get my other thing happening."), and Arhtur Baker backstage at the Hotel Bradford Ballroom (now the Roxy)in 1977. Arthur and I worked together at Discount Records in Downtown Boston. Before going on to become a successful producer (Springsteen, Afrika Bambatta), Arthur coproduced the first Marshalls recordings with Andy Paley. Mr. Brown went on to many fruther exploits as well.
[img src=]3780Photo Opportunity Pt 2:
Backstage at the glorious Rat circa 1987 after playing (and sweating) with "Bary Marshall and the Rockin' Robins" for Rick James. He wanted to sign me for a minute. With my sister Ellie and what's his name. Thanks to drummer extrordinaire Tim Jackson and the Young Rationals for setting up the gig on short notice.
[img src=]3130Fred Schneider of the B-52s
With Fred Schneider of the B-52s @ the Everybody Sings Nilsson release party in NYC in 1994. I produced tracks by LaVern and Peter Wolf on the album.
[img src=]2980Lone Star Cafe NYC January, 1990
Left to Right: Linda Hopkins, Paul Shaffer, LaVern, Me, Jimmie Scott, Ronnie SpectorAfter playing a scorching set that was broadcast on NPR, LaVern and I mingle with the Hoi Poloi.
[img src=]2780With songwriter Jimmy Webb
With songwriter Jimmy Webb at the Nilsson release party.
[img src=]2930Backstage at the Letterman show
Backstage at the Letterman show circa 1987. Enginer Will Garrett, producer Eban Kelly, Will Lee, Paul Shaffer, yours truly and Al Green.
[img src=]3240The Marshalls at Dreamwold
The Marshalls performing at Dreamwold in Scituate, MA - 1975 or 76. Kenny Marshall on bass, Ellie singing (I don’t think she was officially in the band until later-still in high school), me on drums, Kevin on guitar, and the dazzling if enigmatic Eric Rosenfeld (he was in the Sidewinders) on guitar.
[img src=]2540The Marshalls posing @ Dreamwold
The Marshalls posing @ Dreamwold, same stage, different gig. At least we weren’t sucking in the cheeks. Dreamwold was turn of the century robber baron"s (Tom Lawson - the "Copper King") estate with an awesome ballroom. I started playing there in 1967 with the Fugitives.
[img src=]2340The Marshalls at Dreamwold
Circa '76. L to R: Kevin, Barry, Eric Rosenfeld and Kenny.
[img src=]2260The Marshalls, c. 1980
L to R: Barry, Kenny, Ellie and Kevin.
[img src=]2470Beauty and the Beast
Beast on left; Mrs. Marshall on the right.
[img src=]2040Second Boston gig with Lavern Baker at Nightstage
Second Boston gig with Lavern Baker at Nightstage - '91 (Actually in Cambridge – this was "The Club" in the seventies – the Marshalls played here opening for the Cars several times just before they got signed.). Walter Platt on trumpet, Larry Luddecke on organ, Henley Douglas on Sax, LaVern, Philip Hamilton dueting here on vocal, Tim Jackson on drums, Richard Gates on bass, and me.
[img src=]1840Gigging with LaVern
Gigging with LaVern @ Sculler’s in Boston in '97. One of our last gigs before LaVern’s untimely death in March. She was kicking ass even from the wheelchair. With Jeff Lockhart on guitar.
[img src=]1770
Recording with LaVern @ Sound on Sound Studio in NYC in 1994.
[img src=]1570Backstage @ Nassau Coliseum
Backstage @ Nassau Coliseum on Long Island after performing with LaVern and Mary Wilson. LaVern had just stood and walked a few feet on stage with her artificial legs after months of difficult physical therapy.
[img src=]1480LaVern on Skippy Lowe
LaVern on Skippy Lowe’s TV show in LA - '91. Producer and friend Andy Paley, Skippy, LaVern, me, and promoter Alan Eichler.
[img src=]1400With LaVern and Chuck Berry
With LaVern and Chuck Berry at the Newport Festival in 1996. Great gig. Chuck showed up early to see us and was a sweetheart. I think he and LaVern had something going in the fifties. We hung for the afternoon and then I followed Chuck out of the place in his rented Caddy at about 90 MPH!
[img src=]1350
An in-store at Tower on Sunset - '96 with LaVern and Mrs. M. Notice my outfit’s color coordination with LaVern’s. Must have been a coincidence.
[img src=]1380Soul Food Extravaganza
Soul Food Extravaganza @ Linda Hopkins house in Hollywood in 1995, with Lavern, Mrs. Marshall, Linda, and DeForest Kovan from the Little Rascals! I took the picture.
[img src=]1850
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