Feb 16


Hi to all,

Philip HamiltonMy brother Kevin and I will be performing with the great Philip Hamilton this Saturday, February 18, 2012 in Cambridge, MA.

Here are the details:

Green St. Studios185 Green St. (right around the corner from the Middle East)
Cambridge, MA

It starts at 8 pm.

The Dogpatch PubAlso, The Marshalls will be playing again at the Dogwatch Pub, located in the Inn At Scituate Harbor on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, from 7 to 10 p.m.

See: http://www.innatscituate.com/map-directions/index.cfm for directions.

Apr 07

OK, it’s been a while…

Impeach Bush…a friend said recently, “By the time you post again, Bush really will be impeached!” Well, not just yet, but here goes:

I’ve been, of course, busy with myriad projects (that’s the kind of lingo you can get away with as a college “prof”), both musical and educational. I continue to teach at The New England Institute of Art (my full time gig) and at Emerson College. I’ve been slowly but surely working on a Doctorate of Business Degree, majoring in International Business. As part of my studies, I took a class for a week in Chile last Fall, and am taking another one in Prague in May.

I toured Portugal with vocalist Philip Hamilton for nine shows in two weeks in August of 2005 (and for a couple of shows in August of 2006 as well). During that trip, I met Cape Verdean singer Dany Silva, with whom I’ve subsequently made a rewarding musical “partnership”, one that has resulted in my practically commuting to Portugal. Dany is not only a warm and wonderful person, but he’s also one of the greats of Cape Verdean music. We’ve been recording two albums over the past year and a half, and it’s been a ball.

Dany Silva - Caminho LongeThe first album ( entitled “Caminho Longi”) consists of new material and is completed and about to be mastered. I’m putting clips from it on my Musical Samples page. We’re expecting it will be released this Summer. The second album is remakes of several of Dany’s biggest hits along with his versions of some Cape Verdean standards. There are several “duets” on this record, including performances by Cape Verdean and Portugese stars like Tito Paris, Paulo de Carvalho, and Rui Veloso. I’ll be back in Portugal at least a couple of times this Summer to finish this second album. I’ve also started an album with Fado singer Maria Jorge in Lisbon.

Other productions I’ve been working on are a bluegrass album with old friends Jon Macey and Steve Gilligan and an album of Latin jazz with Italian singer Eleonora Bianchini. More details will follow. And The Marshalls are threatening to record a whole new album soon. That will be our second album, but our first new recordings since the eighties! Can your heart stand it?

Jun 02

I’ve had some amazing experiences since my last posting

Philip HamiltonI had the good fortune to do a short tour to Estonia and lithuania with Philip Hamilton. Philip and I wrote and produced an album together which came out last fall. This trip was partly to play songs from and promote the album, and we played at two festivals: JazzKaar in Tallin, Estonia, and KaunusJazz in Vilnius, Lithuania. We played to 1,000 and 1,200 people respectively, and both shows were broadcast on each country’s national radio station.

The band was tremendous; Greg Osby on saxophones and Ben Wittman on drums are two of the better-known players, but it was a thrill and a privilege to play with all of them, as well as with Philip, who is surely one of the greatest singers of this or any era. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see hundreds of people dancing to songs I helped write. I’m hoping to do more shows with Philip later this year. I also did a week and a half trip to Tunisia last month, but that was more for fun. I’ll keep you posted.

Mar 19

Updates, Gigs

I haven’t posted for a while and I know you missed me. Since my last posting, I finished my Masters Degree (in education, from Argosy University) and I may be starting a doctorate soon. Bet you didn’t know I had it in me; neither did I, quite frankly.

The Greenwood Encyclopedia Of American Regional CulturesI also wrote a chapter in a reference/textbook called the Encyclopedia of Regional American Culture: New England for Greenwood Press. The chapter is on the history of music in New England and I managed to get some of the greats I’ve worked with or known over the years (i.e. the Sidewinders, Jonathan Richman, Andy Pratt, Wolf, and even Asa Brebner, amongst many others; I had to leave out myself and the family, unfortunately) into the text, as well as well as some heavyweights I’ve idolized like Charles Ives or Gunther Schuller. So now, before I’ve perished, I have published (that’s a little academic world in-joke for you laypeople). I may upload onto my site an early draft of the sections on the last fifty years or so, for those who are interested.

SamarraOn the gig front, I’ll be doing some Marshalls gigs in the Spring. I am also playing March 26, 2005 in Samarra’s latest belly dancing show, “Take Me, I’m Yours”, at the All Asia Cafe, 334 Mass Ave in Cambridge. It’s on Saturday March 26, 2005 from 7-10 PM.

On the recording front (is this starting to sound like a combat report?) I’ve been working on Jon Macey’s album. His band is now going to be officially called “Fox Pass“. That was the name of the Rat-era band which also included Johnny Jules and Michael Roy from this band, so it makes good sense to call it that. We should have the record out by June or July.

Patricia Vlieg - OrigenThis past November I started recording Patricia Vlieg’s newest album. This one is secular, as opposed to Tus Promesas, her previous album I also produced, which was a religious record. The new songs are inspiring in their own right, and have some tremendous Grammy-winning musicians, like Oscar Stagnaro and Brian Walker, playing on them. We recorded it at Q Division Studios with Bill Crabtree engineering, and we should be finishing it up by May. This should be a career-defining record for Patricia. Update: Listen to Origen on iTunes.

Sep 10

Boston Music Award Nomination

Philip Hamilton - Blues, Rhythm, Rhythm & BluesThe exciting recent news (is that an oxymoron or am I just a .. never mind) is that we’ve (Philip Hamilton’s album) been nominated for a Boston Music Award! It’s nominated in the Blues Category, and we are up against heavy hitters, many of whom I’ve performed with in the past, like Johnny A, James Montgomery, Roomful, and Susan Tedeschi. I need you all to vote for us. I’ll even say please… Please. The listing is :

If you do vote, please give my colleagues Bill Crabtree (engineered Best World Music act, III Kings, as well as Philip’s album), Pete Peloquin (engineered Hip Hop act, Ed OG, as well as Philip’s album) and Dave Lefkowitz (engineered Johnny A’s album, which you should vote for in the Best Indy Album category and not in our category as Best Blues Act!) a vote as well. I think if you have the patience you can vote up to ten times.

In other news…

The Montgomerys - Unnatural Selection♦ My friend Peter Montgomery is just releasing his new album “Unnatural Selection” by his group, The Montgomerys. I produced one song on the album, but the whole record is great.  →Check it out on iTunes.

♦ The gig front is revving up again. The Gospel Brunch is happening at Jasper White’s Summer Shack in Alewife, Cambridge on September 26th. I’ll be playing with the Rev. Lee Mitchell and a cooking band. I think the show starts at 11AM or so, and the food is (of course) amazing.

♦ The Elvis / Belly Dancing Extravaganza is on again at the All Asia Cafe from 7-10PM in Cambridge on September 18th. We are also doing a special performance of Elvis / Belly Dancing at the Boston Music Awards Show at Avalon on Sept. 29th. That show is invitation only, so try to come to the All Asia if you haven’t seen it yet.

♦ I’ve been recording a cool record with some friends from the old days (from the bands Foxx Pass and Tom Dickie and the Desires) called Jon Macey and the score. We’ve done five songs so far, and they rock. It will probably be done in early 2005.

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